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Alpha Doggs LE/MC

The Alpha Doggs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a not-for-profit Law Enforcement oriented organization. We are a brotherhood of active and retired police officers, selected civilians and honorary members who own and operate a motorcycle. The purpose of the Alpha Doggs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (ADLEMC) is to support local charities, events and motorcycle rides while encouraging and promoting the sport of motorcycling.ADLEMC membership is open to all individuals who are current, former, or retired law enforcement officers, military personnel, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. All individuals are considered on a case-by-case basis.ADLEMC supports local charitable causes.Membership in ADLEMC is not for everyone, it requires serious commitment.

Americas Guardians PS MC

We are about our Families, Country, Professions, and Motorcycles.We are laid back, and just want to have fun being together and riding.Our Chapter has a very nice picnic area for get-togethers and fishing.We care about QUALITY and not QUANTITY. We are NOT about BS.

Armaduras LE/MC


Blue Bloods LEMC

We are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club made up of Local, State, Federal (including Military) active, reserve and retired Law Enforcement Officers who have joined together to ride motorcycles. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us. We currently have chapters in Georgia, Connecticut, Alabama and Colorado. Recently, officers have stepped up to lead other lawmen riders in Pennsylvania and Texas


Blue Breed MC is a 100% Law Enforcement only Motorcycle Club comprised of active duty officers with a motorcycle addiction, our club mantra is "brotherhood to the bone" and we live by that. We enjoy meeting other LE clubs and we do not associate with 1% clubs. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada .

Blue Iron Texas Original

We are the Texas Original Chapter of the Blue Iron Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. We are located in Southeast Texas.The Blue Iron Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was founded in the State of Indiana in 2005 by brothers, sisters and supporters of Law Enforcement. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented Law Enforcement based Motorcycle Club. We are not affiliated with any other clubs or organizations. We do however respect all colors, clubs, cuts and expect the same in return.We maintain a positive image and nothing less will be tolerated. We ride for the pure freedom riding provides, to support those in need and to escape the reality of what we see and deal with on a daily basis in our profession.


England 2 is a forward thinking chapter of the Blue Knights who are striving to lead the way in the UK&I Conference. The chapter has members of all ages, and welcomes those with families.We have a committee of dedicated members who work hard for the members and chapter, who continue to spread the good name of England II throughout the world.We consist of sworn officers, Prison Officers, Customs, plus a maximum of 10% civilian membership.

Blue Knights TN V

The Blue Knights Tennessee V Chapter was chartered in 1995 and is centered in Nashville, Tennessee. Our membership consists of law enforcement personnel from over 20 different agencies in the Middle Tennessee.Membership is open to active or retired law enforcement officers with the power of arrest. Our members enjoy the fellowship of their Blue Knights family, sharing their love of motorcycles and the open road. The Tennessee V, with the support of various businesses, contributes time & money to several local charities. Those causes dear to our Chapter are Alive Hospice, the Fraternal Order of Police Summer Camp Program, Concerns of Police Survivors, and area 100 Clubs. We're the good guys!

Blue Knights TX XX

TX XX is composed of WFPD, WCSO, ACPD, OPD,and SAFB personell active and retired. We meet on the 15th of each month and ride as much as we can.We are active in our community with Compassion Run, Miracle Field, and the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as all local charity rides and PD and VFD functions.

Blue line Brotherhood

The purpose of the Blue Line Brotherhood LE-MC (BLB) is to bring together a group of people who enjoy similar philosophies and riding styles. The b.l.b. wants to bring together all Law enforcement officers with the love of riding to strengthen the brotherhood that we share. The B.L.B. MC will focus on community spirit and the fellowship of motorcycle riders as well as the general public while promoting a positive self image. This will be accomplished by but not limited to: charity events, charity rides and other social events. The B.L.B. le/MC will not discriminate against any race, religion or ethnicity and will welcome all riders of LE, regardless of their choice of manufacturer.

Blue Reapers MC

We are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club consisting of Law Enforcement, Military, Public Service, and like minded civilians. We're not a "weekend club". We're not a pay-to-patch club. We ride. We live brotherhood, honesty, loyalty, and trust.

Blue Thunder LEMC

The Blue Thunder Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to:(1) brotherhood and mutual support of our members,(2) supporting families of Arizona law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty,(3) supporting Arizona officers injured in the line of duty, and(4) we also do a lot of riding and other activities for fun.The majority of our members are either active or retired law enforcement officers (LEO). We are an independent motorcycle club, not affiliated with any other club. We are law abiding citizens. We do not support any outlaw motorcycle clubs or criminal activities whatsoever. We respect the rights and colors of other motorcycle clubs and expect the same in return.

Brotherhood of Valour MC

Public Safety Motorcycle Club - Police, Fire and Paramedic/EMT. Retired and current. Also allows membership for those who are Public Safety friendly, such as spouses, significant others. Family oriented and about riding and fellowship/camaraderie. Newly formed in December 2012. Our patch design includes representation of the shield, as protectors/public servants; remembers our fallen and is joined by the 911 we all respond to service by.


~ The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was established in the winter of 2005 by a few Law Enforcement Officers and a couple of Fire Department Personnel as a Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL. After looking into several clubs the decision was made to create a club that would better suit First Responders with their shared interests in Motorcycles and the open road. They believed Family and Friends come First and they wanted a club that would promote camaraderie and loyalty between all emergency services personnel.~ The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was created to assist and support the members of our professions and their families in their time of need.

Copperheads M/C membership is restricted to Male public servants as specified below: Active or retired Male Law Enforcement Officers, and Correctional Officers; Bailiffs, Probation Officers, and other Court Officers And Full time or retired firefighters Attorneys, including Judges, Magisterial Officers, and Prosecutors, who have previously been employed full time by a government agency for at least 4 consecutive years. Current and Retired U.S. military Members. Military members whom have served for 4 or more years in the US military with an honorable discharge. DD214 must be provided upon request.



Empire of Freedom LE/MC Puerto Rico Inc.

Empire of Freedom LEMC is a non-profit incorporated independent motorcycle club from the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any other motorcycle club, motorcycle manufacturer, political party, private company, public entity or police agency. We are mainly formed and composed by brothers and sisters who are or were Law Enforcement Officers or Public Safety Professionals(PD,FD,EMS), military and law abiding citizens that support and appreciate the effort and sacrifice made by our heroes. We are the first and only Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club founded in Puerto Rico.

Expendables MC

We are a motorcycle club made up of true friendship, respect, and brotherhood. We are our Great Nation's sons who have answered the call to duty in a time of tragedy. We are expendable risking our own lives fighting for a greater purpose. To save lives, enforcing laws, and protecting our Country's freedom.We are the EXPENDABLES.We are comprised of federal, state, and local police, military, fire, EMS and corrections - both current and former - who have served their respective departments honorably. We share a love for riding and do so skillfully and confidently. We enjoy the freedom of the open


EXTORRIS MC is a made up of Law Enfocement, Fire Fighters and Civilians with Law Enforcement ties. We were founded in the State of Texas, but have sence spread to several other states throughout the U.S.

Guardian Nomad LEMC-H Town Boys Chapter

The Guardian Nomad LEMC is a club of police, military, fire, ems. We support and participate in charitable events. The H-Twon Boys Chapter is the first northern chapter of the club which has chapters in NC, FL, LA, and MO.

Guardsmen PS/MIL

The Guardsmen Motorcycle Club was formed in Eastern NC on November 10, 2013. We are an independent motorcycle club made up of active law enforcement officers, military personnel and like minded people to include civilians. We are a club that will ride the land at our own free will and as an organization we will protect and exercise the 2nd Amendment. We uphold the constitution of this country with honor and integrity and our lifestyle shall not be infringed upon by any person or organization.

Gunfighters MC

We are 100% LE either active or retired. The club was formed in 2005 and has 23 stateside chapters and 6 chapters overseas.

Gunners LE MC

The Gunners Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was originally founded in St. Louis Missouri by the founding 5 members. The Gunners LE MC focuses on quality membership; which is determined through a selective process. It is the Loyalty, Strength, and Dedication of those members that sets our Club apart from all others. Although our core members are Law Enforcement/Military personnel; we accept all walks of life that believe in our founding principles.

Hard Headed LE MC

We are active, former and or retired cops with select few civilians as well as military that has banded together to help our local community every chance we get. We enjoy riding with family and friends but our payment is when we see our community's gratitude. (Non-profit Organization) We are a family driven club. We are a new club about 2 years old and growing keeping quality over quantity in mind with every new prospect.

Huntsmen LEMC

Huntsmen LEMC is a male only, 100% certified, Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. We exist for our family and brotherhood as our priority and our commitment to them comes first. We will never tolerate member activity that discredits our family, brotherhood and community. Our colors represent what our club is about: Patriotism, Reverence, Motorcycles and Law Enforcement. We ride, prospect and accept nothing but true Huntsmen. Period.

Iron Circle LEMC

Iron Circle Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was founded in Arlington, Texas in 2006. ICLEMC is a motorcycle club made up of 100% law enforcement professionals who come from different areas of the law enforcement community. Members of ICLEMC all share a strong commitment to the values of law enforcement on and off duty. ICLEMC members do not associate with or support any 1%'ers or outlaw groups. Those who commit their lives to ICLEMC do not tolerate any activity which discredits the law enforcement profession or ICLEMC. ICLEMC born in Texas now crosses mountains, the great plains and the Pacific Ocean. These chapters are dedicated to furthering the mission of the ICLEMC which is based in the clubs creed, “Trust, Loyalty & Brotherhood”.

Iron Guns MC Oakland

The Iron Guns Oakland California Chapter is a law enforcement motorcycle club. Our membership is open to active and retired local, state and federal law enforcement officers/agents who have a passion for riding.

Iron Law LEMC

Law Enforcement Organization, made up of Federal, State, County Law Enforcement officers who share a bond of riding and upholding the law.

Iron Law LEMC

The Iron Law LEMC is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. We accept all Law enforcement Officers, from local, state, and federal agencies. We do not discriminate against any LE Brothers or Sisters, who meet our strict standards. We don’t discriminate against bike type or gender. We are a family oriented club. Our members have sworn to enforce the laws that govern our great nation, and as such we abide by those laws. We hold our oaths above all else. We stand for honor, integrity, bravery, courage, and laws we have sworn to uphold. With such great responsibility, we must have great security. Therefore, our club grows slowly. We prefer quality over quantity. We currently have 4 active chapters: Gotham(NYC), Mid-Hudson(NY), Upstate(NY), and Danbury(CT).

Iron Spartans MC

100% True Blue LEMC with a focus on brotherhood and riding with other LEMC's as well as like minded others.

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  1. LOUIE DAVILA September 4, 2012


  2. LEO Biker September 4, 2012

    The Watchmen MC is for sworn members of Law Enforcement. We have a Friends of the Club program for Civilians that ride with us but they are not members.

  3. Name (Required) September 12, 2012

    shadowmen mc le is using a name that dont belong to them . The name is trademarked. The real shadowmen mc is a ihmc support club. Remove shadowmens name off of this website asap

  4. LEO Biker September 12, 2012

    I don’t think we will remove anything.

  5. Blue Breed Mc September 17, 2012

    Great job on putting together a site for LEMC’S, the page itself looks great and the idea is innovative.

    Donny “Dirty Irish”
    President Blue Breed MC

  6. LEO Biker September 18, 2012

    Thanks Donny! We are trying hard to unite the LEMC scene.

  7. Mike September 21, 2012

    “I don’t think we will remove anything” LOVE IT!

  8. AX September 27, 2012

    LEO Biker,

    I agree with Mike about telling yall to remove a listing…lol I have been down that road. You know we are mostly non profit that love to ride and raise money for officers and charities I will never get why some are so tied up with the whole trademark issue we started the name BS. As long as you dont copy artwork, and personal stuff its just a name we are all on the same side. Jeez so glad LAPD didnt want to sue LASO for have Black and white patrol vehicles…lol Nuff said GREAT SITE!


  9. LEO Biker September 29, 2012

    This is a site for cops and their supporters…1%ers have no ground here and need to move along

  10. Big LL October 7, 2012

    Just found your site today…….Looks great!

  11. LEO Biker October 10, 2012

    Thanks brotha!

  12. Joe P October 11, 2012

    Hello Brothers! I just want to say thank you for developing this website! It keeps getting better and
    better. Your podcast have answered many questions, and helped point us in the right direction to open our newest chapter. It helps to hear the points of view from other MC’s. Keep up the great
    work, and be safe!

    Joe P
    Gunfighters MC
    North Shore Chapter

  13. LEO Biker October 11, 2012

    Thanks Joe P. We are continually working on the site to make it better and better. We have a lot of ideas in the pipeline to make this site good for entertainment but a good resource for LE Bikers as well.

  14. Tank/ Founder/President BBMC October 14, 2012

    Guys, great job I am looking forward to your podcast and hats off for creating this site. I have been a cop for thirty years and it is time for all LEMC’s to come together . It does not matter what our doctrine is, along we remember that we are all brothers and cops .

  15. INDEPENDENT-LEMC December 4, 2012

    we support law inforcement, firemen, military, like minded people…I.F.F.I.

  16. JB January 5, 2013

    Just found your site – looking good. Take care & stay safe
    European Territoty Prez
    Iron Pigs Mc Norway
    Viking Chapter

  17. Stray Dog January 21, 2013

    Wish you had been around years ago, might have saved a lot of headaches

  18. Scrappy January 22, 2013

    Love the site and your podcasts. Look forward to them! Keep up the good work and know that it is appreciated.

    Sworn Few LEMC

  19. Bean January 25, 2013

    Definitly caught my attention, not sure I agree 100% with the content and opinions here. I’ll tell you this however, you guys are alot like Howard Stern. Regardless of if I agree with you or not I still wanna here what you’re gonna say next. That being said, keep up the good work.

    I wrote a book based on my experiences as a President of a LEO club. I invite you guys to check it out and see if you agree with my opinions or not. Maybe it’ll make for podcast content, maybe not. Its called: “Officer Down Man Up” and its available at, Boarders, Barnes and Nobles, and just about every other major chain. Digital copy available at:
    Matter of fact hard backs are %50 cheaper through as well.
    Get a copy, read through it, and if you wish contact me and tell me what you think.

  20. Chris January 30, 2013

    You could send me a copy and I could review it for you.

  21. Bean January 30, 2013

    I’ll do it. Send me your address to the email I had to enter to post here and I’ll get you out a copy asap.

  22. Chris January 30, 2013

    You can email me at

  23. Boot February 27, 2013

    Love the content of the show.Very educational. We share alot of the same values.

    Expendables MC President
    New York Chapter

    PS. The Medics in my Chapter ask if you could stop calling them ambulance drivers:)

  24. raven March 5, 2013

    good site , i wish you well for the future and hope the site continues .

  25. Walter March 22, 2013

    Nice to see you are back up and running. Been awhile since we heard from LEO Biker. Good luck in the new space.

  26. Felon May 13, 2013

    Just wanted to let everyone out there know that the Expendables have a state chapter in Kansas now and working on a second.

  27. BEAST May 23, 2013

    Hey guys I found this website when I was looking LEMC clubs on the Internet. I think this is a great way to communicate with our law enforcement brothers that love riding bikes. My question to u guys is as a law enforcement officer, do u think it would be a good idea to join a non-le club? This particular club is made up with people from all walks of life. I have personally known most of the members for many years now and can say that they are honest, hard working, law abiding citizens but they did go through a 1% club to start their club. The members have told me that they do not associate at all with that club they just talked to them to open up their club. The closest le club in my area is 50 miles away and would sometimes be inconvenient to travel to meetings. Please let me know what you all think. I do not want to mess up my career. I love who I am and love my brothers and sisters in arms. Thanks.

  28. Slider June 18, 2013

    Great site keep up the good work.

    Oath & Arms LE MC

  29. Name (Required) June 18, 2013

    Support your local red and white

  30. walter June 19, 2013

    That’s Black and White rocket scientist! Jeez get your colours straight.

  31. Hollywood July 1, 2013

    You missed Road Dawgs MC 100% LEMC. Not interested in being the biggest club, but tight brotherhood. Stay safe brothers

  32. Gypsy July 10, 2013

    I have a question.. I am a new rider and I am looking for a club to join in my area. My husband is a police officer/ non-rider and would feel better about me joining a group of like minded riders.. (his like minded.. lol). He is not very happy about me riding solo over state lines and local. Would anyone have any suggestions???? Chicago area. (And he is very much against most MC clubs…) But he would be good with a LE/MC club… I am just not sure where to turn and I found this great site and thought I would ask… Have a great day and be safe..

  33. Name (Required) August 18, 2013

    Nice Job putting this together

  34. Name (Required) August 18, 2013

    The Alpha Doggs are not about what is listed here! Anyone interested in a true LEMC club should look deeply into them before getting involved! USE CAUTION!!!

  35. Double Tap September 16, 2013

    Interested in starting a LEMC in GA, would I have to go thru a 1% club to be blessed in?

  36. Chips September 18, 2013

    Thank you guys for all of your hard work, recently turned on to your work, enjoying it greatly!

  37. RC September 22, 2013

    Is there a national LEMC association or such to join when you have an LEMC? Thank you and keep up the good work!

  38. RCA September 22, 2013

    I had entered a bad email from previous message. Thank you

  39. Vikkar October 12, 2013

    Thanks for starting this site. There needs to be more solidarity among the LEMC in North America. I live in Canada but very close to the New York State/Ontario border. I a a proud member of the St Lawrence WMC. Cheer Brothers and keep up the grat work.

  40. Danno October 12, 2013

    Great job on the site guys, just to let all the fellow LEO MC’s out there they are having a support your hometown hero week in Branson , Missouri on June 16-22,2014 This is dedicated to all Law Enforcement , there will be training ,guest speakers along with a motorcycle rally on June 19-21, 2014 at Area-57. We have LEO clubs from all over to this event (motorcycle rally) . If you have any question shoot me and email at

    Thanks and be safe


  41. Glenn T. Summers October 12, 2013

    We have a law enforcement motorcycle club That We have formed with Active law enforcement, family of law enforcement. IN Decherd, Tn. How can we get sanctioned or mention on you wed page. We are Known as the Road hawgs

  42. -Choc- October 13, 2013

    Just scrolling through the comments. I fricken love the 1%er comments. They made my day. Its nice to be noticed by the bad guys. I love how they have zero control over anything in the LEO world. To all my fellow motorcycle riders, you dont have to do jail time to prove you are a brother or a club member. Remember that. Keep the standards high so the weaker ones cant reach the rungs.

  43. Richard October 24, 2013

    Hi, I have a dilemma , i am a honorably discharged US Marine who served in the USMC Reserves for six years, then went on to do Probation and Parole for over two years and also a traffic Police officer for a few years. My frustration is this, I LOVE to ride my Ultra Classic Harley, but all my former friends that ride are either in 1% clubs and don’t trust me and it becomes a hassle to even be around them, because i don’t take too much crap! However, i don’t want to get in trouble with the law for standing up for what i believe either! Is there a club of rersponsible, professional, family type stand up guys to run with? I feel like i don’t fit in anywhere?

  44. Rainman October 25, 2013

    If you live in the Tacoma/Seattle WA area and are a good, law abiding guy, looking for a cop friendly club, we may be what you are looking for. Check us out at

  45. ArmadilloWMCF October 25, 2013


  46. Naughty December 2, 2013

    Just wanted to come thru and say im glad LE/MC’s have a place to come and connect, when you have some time check out my club at:



  47. We (Blue Bloods LEMC) currently run a 20% civilian rule. It requires that the civilian pay for their own background check, which the officers refer them to. Then, the civilian MUST qualify within LE standards with a firearm. That ALSO requires them to have a current personal carry permit (CCW). Then, that individual has to earn their way to full patch, in which they will not proceed PAST that point, until they are LAW ENFORCEMENT. They can not hold office, only a full patch. We are currently trying to reduce that too. It is seemingly getting tighter, and many of our chapters are NOT enacting the 20% rule AT ALL. NY BBMC, is 100% Law Enforcement, sworn officers, with attitudes of LAW ENFORCEMENT, and NOT OUTLAWS! We are the 99%

  48. DIRTY IRISH March 8, 2014

    Whats up guys, gotta say we agree with Kidd on the LEMC issue, If your calling your club a LEMC, your members should all be Sworn Law Enforcement Officers NOT civilians. If you have civilian friends that you want to ride with your club, give them a supporter or friend of the club patch but they should not be members. Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is pretty self explanatory and the fact that people try and twist it is a misrepresentation of what a true LEMC is. An MC with cops and civilians as patched members is an MC with cops in it, not a LEMC. Why as a LEO would you want a civilian as a patched member in your LEMC? Being a LEO is the bond and brotherhood between members, how does a landscaper or painter fit into that? I have a bunch of friends who are Marines, does that qualify me to become a member of the Marine Riders MC? Hell no, can I support my friends and their club without being a patched member? damn right I can, I have not earned the right to wear a Marine patch by not being a Marine and going through that right of passage that all Marines have earned in sacrifice and blood. If you have not earned the right to be an LEO via sacrifice and blood then you have not earned the right to wear a patch of a true LEMC, and to do so is disrespect to those who have earned the right.

  49. DIRTY IRISH March 8, 2014

    Dirty Irish
    Blue Breed LEMC

  50. Chris March 11, 2014

    Is there any LEMC in the Yonkers area? I am a city cop and live here. Looking to Join a MC club for cops. Only found the Blue Knights and theyre all rice rocket riders in the Bronx.

  51. LEO Biker March 11, 2014

    Hey Chris, not sure. We are located in California and not too familiar with the Yonkers area.

  52. User Name Taken March 13, 2014

    Nicely Done. 100% LE is the way it needs to be if you’re gonna’ wear the “LEMC”. Let us Know if Watchmen FL moves West a little. Maybe we’ll see of the JSO guys at Thunder Beach. Be safe.


  53. Hawkman March 17, 2014


    If you are in the Yonkers area look up the Renegade Pigs MC. We are a Public Safety Club and allow LEO’S, P&P,FF, & EMS. FF and EMS must be career, no vollys (no disrespect meant). Go on IRPMC website, look up Chapters and find the one closest to you.

    Good luck

  54. Totally Not Dillo April 8, 2014

    Show is getting better and better every week. Killer wicked sic awesome.

  55. Public Guardians LEMC April 22, 2014

    Good moring,

    I would greatly appreciate it if Chicago Motorcycle Guide would share information with the public about our new club, Public Guardians, LEMC Rock Solid Chapter:

    Organization Overview:

    We are a non-profit Public Service/Family orientated Motorcycle Club. We do not claim any territory, the city and state rockers on the back of our vests represent the communities and states in which we serve.

    General Information:

    Membership to Public Guardians LEMC is open to all men and woman in Public Service related professions: active or retired Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMT, Corrections, Military, Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, and select civilians who are 100% law abiding and enjoy riding.

    Both internal and external co-operation
    Establish and maintain exceptional relations at all levels
    To operate from a position of long term goals and plans

    Organize, innovate, and constantly improve
    Not to operate with competitive selfish attitudes

    United in our causes
    Staying strong as a family should

    President: Jason Bergeron (IceBerg)
    Vice-President: Steve Randel (Mater)
    Secretary: Kellie Olivencia (Sunshine)
    Treasurer: Maya Bergeron (Nova)
    Sgt. at Arms: Scott Gredenius (Mongo)
    Road Captain: Jose Olivencia (Ice Cream Man)


    José (Ice Cream Man) Olivencia
    Road Captain
    Public Guardians LEMC
    Rock Solid Chapter
    PO Box 1153
    Rockford, IL 61105
    (815) 543-3989

  56. Eric April 22, 2014

    I am a Retired Detective looking for a good LEMC in NJ (Southern NJ) If anyone knows of any aside from the defenders and Blue Knights, please advise.
    Thanks brothers! be Safe!

  57. Naughty April 22, 2014

    could you please add my club to the list STREET MARSHALS LE/MC OF MARYLAND

    Also you can look us up on marshals le/mc

  58. The Street Marshals LE/MC is actively seeking members in the Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia area, we are also seeking to open chapters in other states. Anyone interested in talking about joining or starting a chapter of the Street Marshals LE/MC in your state feel free to email me. The mother chapter which is my chapter is located in the State of Maryland.

    Mailing address is: Street Marshals LE/MC
    P.O. Box 1003
    Clinton, MD 20735

    Naughty/ National President 240-305-7686

  59. Jack May 21, 2014

    Good afternoon ,

    I would like our club on this list . The club is Sleepless Knights . It is for current and retired all public service . From LEO , FF , EMS , and Military . We are very active with the community and raise money with our runs for charity . We are in Hernando county , Florida , Claiming the city of Spring hill .

  60. Name (Required) June 3, 2014

    Is there any LEO clubs in southern WI? If so please let me know.

  61. lil dave June 16, 2014

    Ozark Thunder Rally at Branson this weekend. Ozark Regulators will attend.

  62. Irish June 22, 2014

    You guys forgot the Iron Order, we all know that club is full of pigs and feds.

  63. Slider June 28, 2014

    Leo Biker-
    I too would like to comment that this is an extraordinary forum for all LEMC Bikers. Very well organized and a great way to communicate with other LEMC’s. Hats off to you! Serve Couragously, Ride United, Honor the Fallen.

    Ca President
    Knights Cavalry MC

  64. Rico July 1, 2014

    Hello Brothers my name is Rico, and in the VP of the Expendables MC in mesa Arizona, i like this site keep up the good work. Were always looking for more members, le, Ps, like minded.# 480-526-3355 or email

  65. Snowplow July 7, 2014

    Hello all,
    I’m called Snowplow, I am the Expendables MC Minnesota State President.
    We are a LE, Military, Public Safety club and we always on the lookout for new members. If you think you meet the qualifications and would like to ride with a great club, send me an email at or visit our national website
    I stumbled across this site and I am very impressed on how well it is put together.
    Keep up the good work and keep the rubber on the road!

  66. Pumpkin July 21, 2014

    I am interested to know, if there were some type of a Nationwide LEMC Coalition, would your club be interested in joining it?

  67. dave July 24, 2014

    Any illinois clubs for Private sector LEOs?

  68. Rob July 25, 2014

    Hey guys just picked up a bike and I’m looking for a group to ride with in the Wichita area, any suggestions?

  69. Matt August 2, 2014

    Looking for a club in northeastern oklahoma.

    Thanks in advance,
    Matt North

  70. Name (Required) August 6, 2014

    Red & White…all day & all night. 1%ers will always rule the MC world…don’t ever forget that. Thank You

  71. levi August 24, 2014

    I am a Correctional Officer and am looking for a MC club to join. Non that I’m awerar of in Nebraska for COs

  72. Teddy Castillon August 31, 2014

    I am a 20 year correctional officer, I heard of the mythical OPG’s Outlaw Prison Guards MC, here in Calif. me and a few die hard Harley enthusiasts with badges wanted info to see if we can start a chapter here in Monterey county…let me know if you all heard or have info on this mc…

  73. Deacon September 1, 2014

    Just wanted to commend you guys on all the hard work you’ve put into the site and podcasts. Looks great! Be safe,

    President, Gunfighters MC- Central Bama Chapter

  74. MUSKY September 2, 2014

    Awesome site, all LEMC clubs should get together and support each other Lost Saints UK

  75. Adam Henry September 3, 2014

    Hey just found this site and would like you to add Choir Boys LEMC. We are all active or retired sworn cops who ride Harley Davidsons. We’re located in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and South Dakota. We have a fallen officer run Saturday October 4 in Arizona. Please visit our run website at Thanks, Adam Henry

  76. Viking September 4, 2014

    Anybody know what happened to these guys who run the site? Just wondering hope all is ok.

  77. Name (Required) September 10, 2014

    So pretty much Law Enforcement Motor Cycle Clubs are nothing more then motorcycle gangs that carry badges and guns under their color of law. You have no respect for established clubs in states and cities or jurisdictions. For Example the Blue Iron comes into new Orleans where there are already established clubs and begins recruiting members from established clubs. Yet Blue Iron wants to talk about being brother officers and policeman. That’s half the problem in law enforcement now, NO RESPECT. So you come from Missouri and begin recruiting huh. Yeah yall are brothers, bullshit.Youre nothing more then disrespectful want to be outlaw bikers.

  78. Guido September 12, 2014

    I love that more cops are wearing three piece patches! If enough LEO’s patch up then the dirtbag outlaws and 1%ers will give them up so they don’t look like cops. Then the rest of us law abiding civilian bikers can create our own clubs without fear of getting harassed by dumbass tweakers.

  79. Francis Edwin Roe jr. September 13, 2014

    9/13/14, Frank Roe

    Subject: President Barack
    Obama &
    Received: Saturday, September 13,
    11:01 PM

    Eastern Ukraine, 8 helicopters were
    down? The cabinet will issue a 600,000
    to each family of a
    Militants abduct over 900 people
    since April
    for random or kill them.
    Belarus, Brazil,
    Ukraine, Germany
    and Turkey are the top

    suppliers of food to Russia.

    Moscow has an oil deal

    with Iran.. BMW record sales
    & Rolls Royce’s and
    in Russia & Ukraine period. UN
    refugee agencies 117,000

    are displaced
    inside Ukraine. 168,000
    crossed into Russia.
    730,000 Ukraine’s
    have left the country due
    to fighting
    this year. 6000 were forced to
    leave there homes eastern


    more than 1000 leave. Washington
    keeps doors
    open to

    improving ties with Russia. Latin
    increases food to
    Russia. At least
    935 killed as of September 12th Ukraine

    Solders please pray for
    brothers & Sisters gone but
    forgotten light a candle in there
    honor. That and think it

    wont be to long
    before Russia invades your
    area what can we

    do to
    help the Ukraine WAR!

    Cyber attack linked to Russia
    China, Poland
    & Belgium.
    Canada will send military
    to Ukraine.
    partners sale Moscow including France

    1.2 billion in War ships. Russia has 20,000

    troops on the
    border and 160 tanks.
    may force European planes to
    fly around
    Russia or Asia
    Siberia could be banned &

    Russia’s $425 billion-a-year petroleum

    Ukraine’s economy could
    shrink by as much as 10% by

    year-end, the
    head of the Ukrainian central
    bank warned on
    Sept. 13.

    Francis Edwin Roe Jr.

    To any club law enforcement bikers

  80. CHRIS OCONNELL October 1, 2015

    I’m a 20 year member of CITY HEAT M/C OUT OF CHICAGO, we have mixed membership of police and civilians, we are an LE club. Do we qualify to be on your website?

  81. Tony "Goumba" Rivera November 26, 2015

    Iron Law LEMC New Milford Chapter is now up and running. We had a great first year. We are looking forward to meet up with any LEMC’S in the NYC, Connecticut area. Goumba (President)


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